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     Everyone needs to create sacred time for themselves.  I know the deal, you are very busy, you may even have a budget and you are there for everyone else, but who is really there for you?  


     Nature has solutions for you. The mountains are the greatest place to tap into your own energy, strength and power. This is where you can release a specific burden, problem or situation that has been holding you back.


     I love being of service to people and I love to hike. I am blessed to be able to connect with the power of the mountains and I encourage you to allow this energy to help you too!


     Why healing in nature?

It leads to positive short and long-term health benefits such as improving self-esteem and mood. The Hiking Therapy program can help to:


  • Calm anxiety

  • Heal depression

  • Reduce stress

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Reduce negative or worrisome thoughts

  • Promote a speedier recovery from an illness







What is Hiking Therapy?

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